Private Tours in Provence

Let me show you all the beauties of Provence.

Romain Bouchaud Tour Guide

Provence is my homeland, where I grew up, where I live. I love my territory, its nature, its history, its people and its culture.

I became a professional guide-lecturer because I love to connect travelers with my land and help them fall in love with its beauties just as I am.

People of Provence are quite different than other French people. Provence has a very different history than France and it was before an independent kingdom. But let’s talk more about history later…because it is long, complicated, but fascinating.

I can meet you anywhere you are in Provence.

Whether you are staying on a cruise ship, in a hotel or in a private residence, I can pick you up at the time you desire to start our exploration.

I can provide any kind of tours for any group size from walking tours to van tours and from bus tours to yacht tours or helicopter tours. I can also organize balloon flights over the lavender fields or having you trying the last Ferrari on a racetrack.

Find below the must things to do for a perfect day trip in Provence:

Tour Aix en Provence, Marseille & Cassis

Those 3 destinations can be explored within 7 or 8 ours starting from Marseille. For me this tour is the best if it is your first ime in Provence. You will discover 3 very different destinations, atmospheres and landscapes.
Aix en Provence is the former capital city of the Kingdom of Provence and many consider it as the most beautiful city in Provence. It is very elegant, “Bourgeois” and perfect for a walking tour passing by markets and local shops while tasting local specialties.
Marseille is the capital city of Provence since the French Revolution. It is also the oldest French city with 2600 years of history. It is a big city and the biggest port of France. It is perfect for a panoramic tour with a couple must stops such as the basilica Notre Dame de la Garde.
Cassis is a small port south from Marseille nested between huge cliffs. It offers the best panoramas over the coast of Provence and is the heart of the Calanques National Park.

Follow Van Gogh Footsteps in Provence

A must if you like the painter ! On this tour we will go to Arles and Saint Rémy de Provence. We will first stop by Van Gogh’s Langlois Bridge and then go for a walking tour in Arles to see where he used to live, where he painted, where he had his fight with Paul Gaugin and where he when after cutting his ear. We will follow to Saint Rémy de Provence to explore the Asylum where he stayed. It is a monastery called Saint Paul de Mausole. It is a magic place. I highly recommend this tour not only for Van Gogh but also for the beautiful landscapes and the amazing heritage from the Roman Empire that is visible everywhere.

The Popes & Their Love For Wine !

On this tour we will explore Avignon together where stands the impressive Popes Palace from the 14th century. The Popes remained in Provence during an entire century. It is a fascinating piece of history involving the Italian civil war, the King of France, the Knights Templar’s, the King of Provence, the King of England and the Popes. Let’s explore together the Popes Palace, the biggest palace build in the 14th century.
When the Popes were in Avignon, one of them decides to plant grapes next to the city on a hill dominating the Rhone river. He also decided to have a secondary residence there and thus created Châteauneuf du Pape. The wines from Châteauneuf du Pape are nowadays famous in the entire world, especially for the quality of their powerful reds. But did you know that they also produce white and that it is impossible to find outside of the village because it is less than 5% of the production ? Come with me and let’s taste the best red and white Châteauneuf du Pape directly in the wine estates.

Yacht Tour In The Calanques National Park

Better than a simple boat trip to the Calanques (fjords) that doesn’t let you get down the boat to the beach and swim into the crystal clear waters of the National Park, let’s board a private yacht in Marseille Old Port with a private captain for the day. The yacht can host up to 16 people and the captain (quite a funny man) provides food, drinks (including Champagne) snorkeling equipment and a 3-seat jet-ski to go ashore. A perfect day to share with your party !

There are many other nice things to enjoy in Provence depending on your main center of interest such as:

Following to Footsteps of Mary Magdalene who lived and died in Provence.

Exploring the heritage of Cézanne in Aix en Provence and visiting his Studio.

Go to the lavender fields in the Lubéron Nature Park and visit the lavender museum, or fly over the fields on a helicopter tour of Provence.

Exploring the Pont du Gard (the biggest Roman Empire Aqueduct) and its museum of Roman Engineering.

Admire the best painting exhibition of Provence in “Les Carrières de Lumières” in Les Baux de Provence.

Please contact me, write me, phone me for more information and to organize your private tour in Provence.

Kindest regards.

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