Let’s go to Arles from your cruise ship in Marseille

Arles is one my favorite tours. I love its history, I love Van Gogh and I love its authentic atmosphere.

I will be on pier in front of your cruise ship and invite you to board a comfortable vehicle.

From Marseille we will drive 1 hour to reach Arles. On the way we’ll go across the countryside of Provence painted by Van Gogh and see a piece of the Camargue Natural Park. If we are lucky we’ll see sheeps or maybe bulls in the fields.

By the outskirts of Arles is the Langlois bridge painted by Van Gogh. A short stop here is a must.

Let’s have a panoramic tour of Arles from the vehicle to see where Van Gogh used to live. Actually the building where was his bedroom got destroyed by bombings during WW2 but it is nice to see the place.

Next to it is the Rhône river where stands ruins of a former Roman bridge still decorated by impressive lions.

After the panoramic tour we will park and start our exploration walking into the pedestrian center.

Arles has 3 main buildings part of the UNESCO Heritage: the Roman Amphitheater, the Roman Theater and the Saint Trophime Church. Let’s explore those master pieces of history together.

Let’s also follow the footsteps of Van Gogh thanks to many reproductions of his paintings that are hidden in the city. We will enter the hospital where ha got cured after cutting his ear. The former hospital in now an art center. We must then stop at Van Gogh’s Cafe. It is still the same than on his painting.

After that are a couple really of the beaten track options…

Do you know about the “Cryptoportiques” ? That’s how we call the Roman underground storage system. Follow me under the city…

What about the “Alyscamps” ? It is another name for Camps Elysées. Originally people were buried along the roads outside the city. And the glorious ones had their tomb visible by everybody. Let’s have a walk in this 2000 year old graveyard if you feel ready for it.

If you prefer art I will guide you inside the Van Gogh’s Foundation. It is always offering superb exhibitions.

And if you are looking for the Christian Lacroix shop…I know where it is. Ok it is easy know with Google… But I also know a delicious restaurant decorated by him.

I wish to see you soon in Marseille to go to Arles together.

Kind regards.

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