Hotel in Kalamata

Searocks Villas Resort 6fe524cb 28c1 93a7 0060 26b5ed704b20 5316b1e1 34ed 18f2 2efb e621971b7944 Here, paradise is hidden amongst olive groves and kissed by the sapphire sea. Searocks Exclusive Villas Resort is engulfed in the pristine beauty of Kalamata & the fragrant fresh air of the southern Peloponnese.

The Resort features an impressive collection of 20 private, multi-story luxury villas, interspersed by shady trees & aromatics with natural views that beckon from every single window.

Made of plaster and stone, these sustainable villas, some of which are completely bioclimatic, are blissfully spacious with private pool & views of glorious sunsets & a mesmerizing sea panorama. See more Stay 20 Individual traditional villas to relax & unwind Guests are invited to choose between villas with two and three comfortable rooms (as well as the Mansion which offers 4 plush bedrooms), which have been built to accommodate families, friends, or couples.

Guests can lounge al fresco on their private terraces — almost all of which overlook their private pools — and take in the fragrant fresh air as they enjoy the breathtaking Mani sunset. 6f230cc7 1bfe 6aeb f6d0 5f0b0f8cdd59 152c7ef4 dc05 8b51 2d3c 0bedc3f7306e ea023018 226d 53a0 7a0a 8ee144d52414 83ea1b86 34cb a424 c500 27fbb4ca580f Our villas Dine
Olive Grove | The Restaurant
Guests are welcome to enjoy a truly unique farm-to-table experience. The chef invites guests into a culinary journey, where locally produce & seasonal ingredients promise an unparallel dining experience. 0bdf49e8 3193 6f28 4f7c e7b04f0eae30 a7ed0e71 b695 c883 8294 bef8de515e27 b6affd00 8ea1 8ce9 38db 55aa0a64f296 Discover more d9018d17 59cc c8f0 94d7 f22b26e71861 Belvedere | The Outdoors Lounge Bar Settle into the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea & stunning sunsets, Belvedere terrace is regarded as one of the best al fresco spots in Peloponnese & its incredible locale for all visitors. 72b4be5e 39ff b8ee 0b93 1733d14fd70b Wellness Center
Rejuvenate in our on-site spa center, where relaxation massage & therapies are more than just a state of mind. If you are interested in collaborating with us regarding season 2023
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